Three Dead Jewish Children Because of PC Crap Regarding Islam.

Published on March 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.28.15 AMEvery time Obama Inc. releases another report claiming that the real threat doesn’t come from Muslim terrorists, but from veterans and patriotic groups, it doesn’t just scapegoat innocent people, it costs lives.

It did in France where 3 Jewish children were murdered by a Muslim terrorist because the police were too busy dealing with the phantom menace of the right.

Merah committed two attacks on soldiers then a final attack on a Jewish school. After the first two attacks, the investigators pursued the hypothesis that one of the soldiers had been targeted based on a motorcycle advertisement he had placed on the internet.

The investigators tracked down everyone who had accessed that advert. The only two occasions on which it had been accessed from Toulouse were both from Mohammed Merah’s mother’s computer. Merah was already known to the French intelligence services as an Islamic radical.

Based on this constellation of facts, a recommendation was made that Mohammed Merah be arrested. But it was disregarded.

Bernard Squarcini, then head of intelligence was recommending Merah’s arrest from 18 March, the day before the massacre at the Jewish school.

But the judicial police are said not to have followed it up, focused on the far-right line of investigation.

The murders of 6-year-old Aryeh Sandler, 3-year-old Gabriel Sandler and 8-year-old Miriam Monsonego could have been prevented if the police have been allowed to follow their instincts.

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