To All the Naysayers: Never Give In!

Written by Allan Erickson on March 7, 2013

horatius-iiI applaud Rand Paul for having the courage and the conviction to stand up in the Senate and filibuster the President’s nominee for CIA Director. I wish however that Sen. Paul had addressed not only the President’s idiotic drone policy, but the nominee’s shortcomings.  Not that it matters. The government is so filled with pro-jihadist leftist radicals, what difference will another make?

What is so disheartening is seeing McCain and Graham lambast Sen. Paul.  For once we have a leader with courage willing to confront Obama head on, as we should have done starting four years ago, and here come McCain and Graham the naysayers, practically defending a President they recently condemned for Benghazi.

And what ever happened to your promise, Sen. Graham?  What about your demands for answers Sen. McCain?  Where are you guys!?  Obama and Clinton got a complete pass on Benghazi when it was obvious their dithering and secrecy cost four good Americans their lives.  What about the cover up, Senators?  Where are you now!?

At the same time Sen. Paul is showing us what a real American does in these circumstances, we see Glenn Beck turning the entire effort into an AA meeting.  All he can do now is wipe the floor with the flag, whine about having no faith in anything but God and family, and urge us to give up on our country and the Constitution?  WTH, Glenn?!  You’ve inspired millions to engage the culture war and help turn this country around, and now you want to work The Steps, make amends, do an inventory and surrender because you are powerless? 

Try telling that to the Founders, Glenn.  Tell it to the men who challenged the British empire and never once faltered in their belief in liberty, even in the face of impossible odds.  Try telling that to all the men and women who gave their lives on battlefields here and overseas during the last 250 years, heroes who died willingly in freedom’s cause.   Tell that to the new Marine recruit fired up to defend his country.  Tell that the Boy or Girl Scout looking to sustain moral goodness in the face of seething secularism.   Tell that to the pro-life advocate that has picketed outside an abortion clinic for years.   Tell that to the young graduates this spring who cannot find work but hope for a better day and refuse to give up hope.  Tell that to the WWII vet who still believes we can whip the world with one hand and rebuild it with the other.

We are not powerless, Glenn.  The God that gave us Life, gave us Liberty and he expects us to fight for it just as much as he expects us to use that liberty to spread the good news about his love.  We are not to retreat to our cushy little churches and just sob and hope for the best.  We are to strip off our vestments and reveal the soldier’s uniform beneath.  We are called to the front lines, not the root cellar.

Glenn, if you now believe it is over, that throwing in the towel is the right move, I’d suggest you are in denial, and in that sorry state, you join jello bellies like McCain and Graham.  I cast my lot with Sen. Paul, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Rubio, Sen. Wyden and millions of others who bow the knee only to God Almighty even as they shake the fist of defiance in the face of tyrants.  

Never give in.  Molon Labe.

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.