America’s Murder-by-Another-Name

Written by Jerry Curry on April 21, 2013

What happened back in 1973 was that the Supreme Court changed the word “murder” to a less offensive word; it was changed to the word “abortion.” Since then the word murder has been given an evil connotation; and the word abortion has been given a good connotation.

But abortion is nothing more than Court legalized and sanctioned murder. If society won’t safeguard a child’s life within the safety, sanctity, and security of a mother’s womb, why should it safeguard that same life when it is walking down a neighborhood street?

Someone once said, “Nothing is finally settled until it is settled right.” That is probably why the Roe v. Wade decision is still the subject of open, sometimes violent debate and the cause of violent demonstrations throughout the land. “We The People” will never accept it because deep down we believe that the Court’s ruling is wrong, and more and more people are speaking up and saying so. Therefore, the Court may one day be forced, by the American people, to reverse and overrule the Roe v. Wade decision.

If the Vatican’s new Pope Francis wants to make a maximum impact on restoring justice to American society and preserving it throughout the world, one of the things he might consider is coming to Washington and helping get America’s Catholic Supreme Court members to act in line with their church’s teachings.

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The Pope could start by telling the Justices that the Court has sinned a great sin and that they need to confess their sins, ask for forgiveness and let him absolve them. Perhaps then the evil curse of ruinous violence which has settled down over this land because of the Supreme Court ruling could lift and America would once more regain its historical, societal and cultural footing.

Then perhaps the Justices could start undoing the awful wrong that the Court has loosed on American civilization. The great sin of Court sanctioned murder – “Abortion” — could be lifted from the nation by America’s citizens declaring Roe v. Wade null and void.

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General Jerry Ralph Curry (D.Min.) is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper and Ranger. He enlisted in the Army as a Private and retired a Major General. For nearly forty years he and his wife Charlene have served this country both in the military and while he was a Presidential political appointee.


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