Boston, Wyatt Earp and Commonsense

Published on April 21, 2013

First of all, if the only people on the streets are cops it is harder for the perpetrator to hide. Secondly, people staying home and laying low makes it harder for a terrorist who might be looking for a crowd to join so he could blow himself up along with more innocents. Then there are the civilians showing up with their own firearms and getting shot by cops mistaking them for Jihadists. Commonsense dictates that just because you own an AR15 and can shoot it proficiently you are still a civilian and you are not Mitch Rapp. Leave the manhunt to the guys who know how to get it done.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrorist. He killed three innocent civilians, wounded dozens of other civilians. He killed a police officer and critically wounded another officer. What makes the people arguing that Boston should have not locked itself down to find this cold blooded butcher think that he would not have figured out a way to kill more innocent people? That’s what terrorists do, kill innocent people.

get-attachment (1)Locking Boston down was not “martial law”. The people howling like the government had tanks rolling through the streets have no clue what “martial law” is. Authorities kept the city locked down for 24 hours and killed one terrorist and wounded and captured the other. Everything is back running as it normally would. Law enforcement did a great job. In fact the manhunt was almost perfect.

This was not some bizarre dry run for “martial law”. It was commonsense to comply with the police request to stay indoors. So please, next time there is some Jihadi nut running loose and killing people, and the police ask you to stay inside, do what you are asked without going full Alex Jones. They aren’t stealing your freedom. They’re saving your life.

Image: Wyatt Barry Stapp Earp circa 1869; author: original uploader was Sbharris at en.wikipedia; public domain

get-attachment (3)Stephanie Janiczek is a former Capitol Hill Staff Assistant, Schedule C Appointee and Leadership Institute alum. Military Wife, Hunter, Horse enthusiast, dog owner, writer and feminist kryptonite.

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