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CALL A WAMBULENCE! Obama’s Boy, Daniel Pfeiffer, Slams DRUDGE REPORT for ‘Hurting Their Message’

Senior advisor to the President Daniel Pfeiffer recently slammed, saying the site hurts the White House’s message because of its impact on the rest of the media.

“There’s a Pavlovian response from, y’know, some media outlets,” Pfeiffer began. He said when he would ask a reporter why he or she was questioning him on a certain topic and they would reply that it was reported on Druge Report, he would ask them to “say that to themselves out loud again, and think about it,” at which point everyone would be “pretty embarrassed” about the fact that the outlet was cited.

“The example being that anyone saying anything can get caught up in the spin cycle in a way that’s very damaging to what we’re trying to do, but also hurts [the] individual person,” Pfeiffer said of Drudge.

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