Calling Out the Pro-Slavery ‘Unproclaiming Emancipation’ Left

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2013

BLAKE10Which end of the political spectrum claims to be protecting the rights of the weak and the vulnerable?  Because it’s time for those guys to put up or shut up.

It’s time for the people who find bigots under every rock to look past their rhetoric and start engaging the issues. Slander is NOT a policy, it’s a tool of distraction to sidestep anything of importance.  Like fools, we on the political right have let them get away with it.  For too long, we’ve let them frame the issues.  We’ve let them claim the moral high ground — whether they deserve it or not — and spend most of our time trying to convince Joe Public that we aren’t the heartless ghouls we’re made out to be.

Could we finally start thinking about real issues?  Let’s discuss why we reject the policies and attitudes of the Left.  Let’s start framing the issue in terms of the REAL moral high ground.  I’ll help you get started:  I reject the Left’s values and policies for exactly the same reasons that I reject slavery.

Pause.  Re-read that if you need to.  Say it out loud, even.  Try rephrasing it:  “The policies of the Left are pro-Slavery.”  Ok, now you think I’m picking a fight, right?  Yes!  (And no.)  

Yes, I’m picking a fight, because there really is a fight, and we’ve basically abandoned it.  We need to open our eyes to the fact that issues and policies are not sterile concepts to be blithely discussed with strangers in cyberspace.  The policies and numbers we talk about have real-world meaning and consequences that ought to evoke in us something resembling a pulse.  

We should NOT concede defeat and move on to the next skirmish every time the other team seems to be winning.  But that’s exactly what happens … and they know it.  They’re counting on our capitulation.  And why not?  It’s all we’ve done for decades.

If you’re not ready to strap on your cup and get in the game, don’t whine if you get hurt on the sidelines.  Most of their victories are won by forfeit, but since most of our team can’t be bothered to suit up, what outcome were we really expecting?

In another sense, I’m not picking a fight.  I’m not, because my reference to slavery is neither rhetorical nor hyperbole.  It is the sum and substance of the policies I reject.

Think about how you would describe slavery.  One man working, without reasonable compensation, for someone else’s benefit; doing so under obligation with no option to leave or work for himself.  Important decisions concerning his own welfare are not his own to make, but his master’s.

Take that description, and compare it to government policy in any “progressive” environment.  Politicians and bureaucrats don’t work in our best interest, or for our benefit … they work for their own personal or party interest. They use your money to buy someone else’s vote.  They might claim it’s out of concern for the other guy, but all they really want is the vote and the power that vote gives them.

Governments at every level are larger than ever, and are poised to keep growing until the money dries up.  Don’t worry about paying for it, we’ll just borrow more.  That model is working so wonderfully for such fine examples as Greece, Cyprus, California and Detroit.  Or not.

The numbers in play are too big to imagine, but one analogy may be helpful.

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