Christianity in Decline? Not In Iran

Written by Wes Walker on April 11, 2013

iranHow frequently are we told that Christianity is in decline?  Well, nobody told the Church in Iran.  It seems Iran has a little problem with the spread of Christianity in “Islamic Cities”.

Predictably, they are cracking down, and making arrests, warning against the “superstition” they consider Christianity to be.

In the midst of the official statement is an unexpected admission:

There is a NETWORK of house churches (itself significant news) in Masshad, and the young people are being attracted to our faith by our kindness.  There is enough of a response that officials feel the need to warn against this!

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Never underestimate the significance of the manner in which we interact with those who do not share our hope.

If you are a believer, remember them in prayer.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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