Clash Daily’s Jennifer Thieme Debates Same Sex Marriage with Sean Sala

Written by Jennifer Thieme on April 3, 2013

MB900432517On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 I participated in a live television broadcast about same sex marriage. The show’s name was Live with Taylor Baldwin on U-T TV. Along with Taylor, I appeared with a gay activist named Sean Sala.

As you can see, I emphasized the importance of the family structure from a policy perspective. A foundational part of the family is the ideal that every child has a right to a mom and a dad. This foundation must be completely removed from the legal code in order to accommodate gay couples into marriage. All gendered words are removed from the law, something I discuss at length here.

I discussed how striking mother and father from the legal code amounts to a “quid pro quo” transaction … that’s a fancy way of saying “trade” or “barter.” From a legal perspective, gays can marry if we remove the idea that every child is entitled a mom and a dad. It’s a definite trade, one my side of the debate objects to. What I like about these arguments is that they don’t mention gay adults or gay sexual behavior. They only mention marriage and children.

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