Silly Laws: Don’t Shoot Your Fish with a Crossbow

Written by Stephanie Bertorelli on April 26, 2013

get-attachmentNorth Carolina lawmakers were considering new legislation that would require prospective owners of pit bulls, mastiffs, rottweilers and other large breeds to undergo criminal background checks.

I’ve absolutely had it!

I’m tired of the government feeling as though they need to have their hands in every single facet of our lives.

If I’m on a trip to New York City, I can’t consume a 64-ounce cup of Coke Zero because big brother may think that it is actually original Coke, I have to clandestinely ask for a pack of cigarettes because we shouldn’t display them like the rows and stacks of beer in the coolers in the same store.

In Morrisville, PA, I would be cited for wearing cosmetics without a permit. In Viriginia, it’s illegal to flip a coin in order to see who pays the bill at a restaurant.

In North Carolina, in addition to the idea background checks to own a pet, does anyone know that it is illegal to visit a city cemetery between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am? I guess we’re all a little safer from the impending zombie apocalypse that way, huh?

In South Carolina, I would be unable to replace parts on a musical instrument on a Sunday because it is illegal to buy musical instruments on a Sunday! This one blows my mind almost more than any of the others; I don’t see any part of why anyone ever needed to use taxpayer money to write this one.

But lest we think that every law is for our own benefit, in Georgia it is unlawful to give a state Senator a speeding ticket while the state legislature is in session. I hope that the state Senators in Texas don’t ride bikes though – because it is illegal for them to speed on bicycles and I’m not sure if they have that same leeway as in Georgia.

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Stephanie Bertorelli is a publicist and author living in Charlotte, NC. She's the mother of two girls that she's raised to say thank you to all officers and soldiers they meet and who also know that they better get the tissues ready for mom when the National Anthem plays. With a passion for sparkly shoes and vintage green dresses, she spends her free time (what free time?) writing, perfecting new recipes and trying out new wines.