Front-row Seats to the Bomber Shootout

Written by Wes Walker on April 22, 2013

062152c04715880d2f0f6a7067006a42Could you imagine what it would be like to have the news story terrorists squaring off  with the police outside your home, with bombs and bullets flying?

One couple had the dubious distinction of having the shootout outside their home.  They have a bullet in their car, and another one hit their TV.

What got them through it?  What thoughts played through their mind?  What was it like to have the possibility of death hanging over them?  Here is a long interview with Stephen and Emily McAlpin as they describe exactly that.

An excerpt:
On Friday, my wife Emily and I witnessed firsthand the gunfight between police and terrorists in Watertown, Massachusetts, as it happened in our front yard. It was like nothing we’d ever experienced. We first heard the gunshots and an explosion from our bedroom and, after calling 911, crawled with our dog to safety under the kitchen table where we cried out to Jesus for help, and then later into the bathtub for better cover, where we continued praying. We spent a lot of time in fear of death, even after the gunfire ceased and the police checked on us. In fact, we were on lockdown almost the entire day, hiding under our kitchen table as police disarmed explosives around us and searched for the terrorist who had escaped them. (Read the rest here)

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