Gosnell Trial: Some Good News — But Baby-Killing Horrors Keep Mounting

Written by Steve Pauwels on April 29, 2013

gosnell21I’m a long time, pro-life absolutist. When it comes to the horror of this bloody business we in America call “a women’s right to choose”, I’ve heard it all over the course of many post-Roe. v. Wade years. So, ironically, I’ve become a little emotionally hardened to the grisliness of the topic.

Still, this Kermit-Gosnell awfulness is shocking even me. The more details that trickle out, the more ghastly his handiwork is revealed to be. The article below contains some good legal news, I suppose, but the specifics took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. This “doctor” is a monster-show — and those who would defend him, or urge discreet silence about the atrocities he’s perpetrated, are not far behind.

Read on. But prepare yourself …

The judge in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial admitted today he made an error when dropping one of the charges against the abortion practitioner.

Common pleas court Judge Jeffrey Minehart admitted he “erred” when dropping the murder charge for Baby C, who was killed in an abortion-infanticide when he was a victim of an attempted abortion but was born alive and tossed in a shoe box, with Gosnell staffers confirming they saw him breathing for 20 minutes.

Gosnell faces eight total murder counts — one for killing a woman in a botched abortion and seven for killing babies in abortion-infanticides that involved live-birth abortions and snipping their necks after birth. The judge received heavy criticism yesterday for dropping three of the murder charges.

Gosnell’s defense attorney asked the judge to drop three of the charges for killing the babies and the judge agreed with the contention there was not enough evidence to convict Gosnell on those charges. Another charge of infanticide was also dropped. He still faces the other charges the prosecution has brought and the murder trial will continue on them.

One of the three charges the judge dropped includes a 28-week unborn baby who was killed in an abortion-infanticide and eventually discovered in a freezer at Gosnell’s clinic. Another involved “Baby B,” about whom a Gosnell staffer testified was a newborn child who survived a failed abortion and was still breathing into a shoe box.

The third murder charge thrown out was for “Baby G,” who was the subject of testimony of a former Gosnell staff who, in the grand jury report, said he saw alive. Steven Massoff said he saw exhibit “a respiratory excursion,” meaning a breath.

The reinstated charge involves Baby C — about whom a Gosnell staffer testified was a newborn child who survived a failed abortion and was still breathing into a shoe box.

During this morning’s trial hearing, Judge Minehart also dismissed murder charges regarding”Baby F,” who was seen by Gosnell staffers making a single leg movement after birth and before Gosnell employees snipped the infant’s neck.

Read the rest at: Gosnell Judge Reinstates Charge for Baby Tossed in Shoe Box, Still Breathing

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