Hunt/Fish: Mega Blue Catfish Caught in Kansas

Written by Doug Giles on April 12, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 10.05.28 AMA Kansas couple have his and her fishing records.

Stefanie Stanley, of Olathe, got hers when she reeled in a 82.05-pound blue catfish at Milford Reservoir on Saturday. Rich Witt, co-owner of the Catfish Chasers tournament in which Stanley was fishing, said it’s the largest blue catfish ever caught at Milford, and the largest from any lake in Kansas.

As big as it is, though, it was about 20 pounds shy of her tournament partner/husband’s best-ever blue catfish. Robert Stanley holds the current state record for blue catfish at 102.8 pounds, caught from the Missouri River on Aug. 11 last year.

“She has the biggest ever from a lake, and he has the biggest from a Kansas river,” Witt said. “Those are some nice fish.”

The Stanleys were fishing using dead shad for bait when she saw one of her pink fishing rods start to move.
“We knew he was nice, but then he came up and barrel-rolled beside the boat,” Stefanie Stanley said. “We were like ‘Holy cow, this is a whopper.’ It has shoulders on it like a linebacker.”

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