In the Wake of Terror, Boston Calls for All Sheep to ‘Shelter in Place’

Written by Skip Coryell on April 20, 2013

[Editor’s Note: This column came into our office while the search for Boston Bombing suspects was still unfolding …]

Causse_Mejean_Lacaune_ovins Why is an entire city of over 600,000 people cowering in their homes? Sure, they don’t call it cowering: there’s a special term for it now called “Sheltering in place”. But no matter what you call it; it’s still cowering. Boston, once the home of such rabble-rousers as Samuel Adams, perhaps one of the feistiest and most gutsy of our founding fathers, would not be “Sheltering in Place.” He’d be out there leading a posse to hunt the little bastard down.

Think about it. What are we really talking about here? We’ve got a snot-nosed little punk with a pressure cooker who wants to kill as many of us as possible before he dies. I say we make all his dreams come true. Let’s just kill him – any means necessary.

Predator Drone: I’m okay with that. He’s a terrorist. We know where he’s at. It’s cheap compared to the thousands of cops we have on site right now. How much is this little punk costing us? Just waste him! It’s Hellfire missile time!

Seal Team Six: I’m okay with that, too. They’re proven. Take no prisoners. No negotiating. Just move in quietly to neutralize the threat. But the Predator drone strike is better, because it will also take out any booby traps in the process. No sense in wasting good SEALS when a drone strike is safer.

Burn Him Out: You’ve no doubt seen this on wild west movies before. Bad guy shoots up the town; retreats to barn; surrounded by posse; posse lobs in a burning torch and bad guy burns to death or comes out with his hands up. Then we hang him. Happy ending…

But now you’re saying: Skip, we can’t stoop to their level. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course we can. We do it all the time. Listen to me, folks, have you become so full of hubris that you believe Americans are somehow morally superior to the rest of the world? I don’t think so. Look at our politicians. Most of them are terrorists of the worst kind: taking our freedom, taking our money, incrementally stripping away our dignity and self-respect. And we elected them. Do we deserve this?

I think Boston as well as the rest of urban America needs to reach around and pull their heads out of their collective behind. The bad guys are here. The wolf is at the door and he’s breaking it down. This is a bad day to be a sheep. We no longer have the luxury of fostering a false sense of civilized and proper behavior.

I just read the following quote and was confused:

“”We believe this to be a terrorist,” said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. “We believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. We need to get him in custody.”

Excuse me! We need to get him into custody! Why? So we can spend millions on a lengthy trial? So we can make him famous? So we can give him a podium to preach from so other nut jobs will be encouraged to kill more of us. That makes no sense to me. This is the way government morons handle a crisis.

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