‘Jesus Stomp’ Professor Now Saying He Is Actually A Christian

Written by Andres Ortiz on April 4, 2013

Professor Now Saying He Is Actually A ChristianRemember the Florida Atlantic University professor that made his students stomp on Jesus’ name? Well now he is saying that he has been involved in church all his life, taught Sunday school, and even understands the importance of the text “Jesus.” Maybe he just didn’t have his frosted flakes that morning. The professor, Deandre Poole, is also saying that he did not actually tell kids to stomp on Jesus, but rather to write Jesus on a sheet of paper and step on it. I don’t see the difference but let’s move on.

But how does he defend what he did? Poole said he was just doing his job. No really, like right out of the instructor’s manual. The professor was being a good Christian by following orders laid out by instructors before him to take a symbol of his “lord and savior” and step on it.

What church does Poole go to? What Christ is he worshipping? Because even Peter, who denied Christ 3 times at one point, did not even feel worthy to be killed like Jesus and asked to be crucified upside down. Yet, we have this “Christian” saying that he identifies himself with the risen Christ while instructing his college students to step on a symbol of our Lord. This is a perfect example of how the church has been transformed by the world instead of vice versa. I don’t care what my employer, school, or even family says, if it is antithetical to the Word of God and it is insulting to the One who gave up His life for me, I will not do it. Point. Period. Blank. Any questions?

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