Manchin & Toomey Show Us the Threat From Within

Written by R.G. Yoho on April 30, 2013

JoeManchin (1)Americans are under siege.

The greatest threat to American liberty is not coming from the powerful nations of Russia or Red China. We are not facing imminent danger from the crazy dictators of North Korea or Iran.

Our ultimate survival is not threatened by blood-thirsty Mexican drug lords and gun runners who have been raiding our southern borders.

And despite their vicious hatred of the West, we are not facing the swift and permanent destruction of America from Islamic extremists.

There is no question that some if not all of these forces mean to do us harm.

However, the most clear and present danger to the United States of America isn’t coming from outside our shores; it’s coming from the halls of power in Washington DC.

We have met the enemy and he is ours.

Congressman, Senator, and/or President.

Perhaps most frightening of all is the fact that the threat isn’t ONLY coming from the politicians of one party.
Our destroyers are both Republican and Democrat, each of them claiming to be protecting our safety or looking out for our interests, at the same time they are turning a deaf ear to our voices.

These same idiots who don’t even appear to realize that you must stop spending when the checkbook is overdrawn are going to fix the gun violence in America with the same level of efficiency with which they stopped the gun violence in Chicago.

The Barbarians are not attacking the gates; they are inside our walls.

These animals in expensive suits have successfully spent our nation into such a pressing financial crisis, they have realized the only way to survive this mess is to take everything we own and simply toss us a few remaining crumbs from the tables of their gluttonous feasts.

Increasingly, I am ashamed to know that our politicians still dare to call themselves Americans.

They sure don’t act like it.

I am certain that there are still some decent men and women in Washington; however, the corrupting influence of that city is often too powerful for most individuals to overcome.

The desire to hold onto their power causes many in Washington to compromise their principles, break their campaign promises, and betray their constituents.

Case and point?

Senators Joe Manchin (D.-WV) and Pat Toomey (R.-PA).

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R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”