More like Penn, Less like Piers

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2013

Does it surprise you that I like Penn Jillette?  I disagree with him, but I like him.  He takes the other guy’s ideas seriously.  He takes the time to understand what he is criticizing.  You can have a solid conversation with a guy like that.

Contrast that to Piers Morgan.  Not only does he fail to understand the core beliefs of those he disagrees with (see: 2nd Amendment), he doesn’t even show a functional understanding of the belief he claims to hold himself.  He’s not very likeable, and worse, he self-destructs when trying to articulate his ideas.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.   Be more like Penn, and less like Piers. Don’t be ignorant of your own beliefs, and don’t be arrogant about someone else’s.  We are called to faith, not folly.
Enjoy the clip.