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Nationalizing Voter Fraud

Don't_Sell_Your_Vote_-_NARA_-_5729938On Thursday, March 28, 2013, President Obama brought forward a new Executive Order that somehow slipped under the Main Stream Media’s radar.  “Executive Order — Establishment of the Presidential Commission of Election Administration” was brought forth by The White House, Office of the Press Secretary.  The Gang of Eight has been working on Amnesty and now we have the Gang of Nine that will be making an attempt to improve the integrity of our local, state and national elections. Obama has enough gangs working on commissions that he could run the Bloods and Crips out of Chicago.

Remember the commission that was put together by Obama to advise him of the best possible way to get the economy back on track.  They advised him and he threw their advice out the window because it didn’t fit his agenda.  I imagine the same will happen with the Election Commission’s recommendation unless; perhaps, they would come up with a plan where only Democrats and illegals can vote on Election Day and the President would no longer have term limits. 

Why would Barry want to change the way elections are administered when he benefits from all the fraud.  During the last election cycle, we had precincts that gave Obama 100 percent of the vote from 110 percent of the voters.  Eric Holder set precedent when he allowed the “New Black Panthers” to intimidate voters from making the wrong decision.  Today, there are many cases before the courts across the nation due to some voters casting their ballot multiple times toward the Democrat side of the ticket.  Many machines across the nation had been tampered with that changed a Romney vote into an Obama vote.   A large majority of our military men and women based overseas didn’t even receive the opportunity to cast a vote and if they did, their vote was unlikely to be counted. There were also reports of the Democrats shipping in busloads of voters to pull the lever for Obama.   Is it conceivable that Obama would make an attempt to solidify the corruption in order to win back the majority in the House of Representatives and maintain control of the Senate in 2014? I would never put anything past this President and his cronies.

Another problem the Republicans have that has not been reported on as I believe it should be is the RNC has their hands tied when it comes to fighting voter fraud.  This stems from a case brought forth in 1982.  WND published on article on this issue on November 20, 2012 that reports it the best.  I will share a small part of the article with you.

The case is the Democratic National Committee vs. the Republican National Committee, originally from 1982.

Democrats alleged Republicans were trying intimidate minority voters in New Jersey and brought the legal action. The RNC, inexplicably, decided to agree to a consent decree before a Democrat-appointed judge rather than fight the claims.

The judge, Dickinson Debevoise, appointed by Jimmy Carter, later retired but decided he would continue to control the case. The decision requires the RNC – but not the DNC – to

refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose.


As usual, you can see that our establishment RINOs have never had the spine to stand up to the liberals and it has come back to haunt us all.  If you believe this commission will actually come up with a proposal to equalize the playing field and Obama would accept it, I have a bridge for sale. 
I believe this Executive Order is open for interpretation; however, on the surface, it looks clean.  You can be the judge by following the link below:

Image: Don’t Sell Your Vote; U.S. ;Department of State. Bureau of Public Affairs. International Information and Educational Exchange Program; National Archives and Records Administration, College Park; public domain

David Hiatt

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.