Neighbor Boston Bombers: Older Bro Thought Bible Was ‘Cheap Copy of the Koran,’ That US Is a ‘Colonial Power’

Published on April 23, 2013

Here is Albrecht Ammon’s Interview from FOX News:

VAN SUSTEREN: What was Tamerlan like?

AMMON: My first interaction with him was he was sitting at a table at a pizza shop across my high school and he was talking to another kid that used to go to Cambridge Latin high school. I overheard the conversation, and he was basically explaining the Koran to the person he was sitting with and the differences between the Bible and the Koran.

And I noticed in a way he was idolizing the Koran and trash-talking the Bible. And so I was very interested in the topic. And I didn’t know much about religion, whether it’s Christianity or Islam, and he seemed like he was very well-educated about both. And so I wanted to join the argument or the discussion.

So, yes, I basically joined the discussion, which then he — so then I had a discussion with Tamerlan. And he was basically — he was very passionate about what he was talking about, which was that the Bible was a cheap copy of the Koran, and that the American government used the Bible as an excuse to invade other countries.

Then our discussion kind of shifted from religion to foreign policy and the American government. His belief on that was that the American government was still a colonial power and intended to colonize the Middle East and Africa. And in Afghanistan and Iraq, most casualties were innocent bystanders gunned down by American soldiers.

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