Newtown Parent Mark Mattioli Slams Gun Control Goons, Legislators and Nancy Lanza

Published on April 10, 2013

Mark Mattioli one of the Newtown parents and father of slain James Mattioli was on America Live with Megyn Kelly moments ago to speak about Obama’s gun control push and the efforts of legislators in Connecticut. He had previously spoken at Connecticut gun control hearings where he said new laws are not the answer – enforcement of existing laws is the answer. Today he expressed similar thoughts – more gun control is not the answer. He felt that there are 10s of millions who don’t think more gun control is the solution. Criminals don’t obey the law. Gun control only works for those who obey the law. Criminals won’t check their magazine to see how many bullets they have. Will New York criminals only put 7 rounds in their 15 round mags? He feels legislators are using a hammer to solve all problems – everything looks like a nail. He asked for decreasing mandatory sentences for gun crimes. He also slammed Nancy Lanza for what he called a massive failure in parenting.

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