Philadelphia and Boston Horrors: This Is a Test

Written by Wes Walker on April 19, 2013

MH900431275They are unspeakable horrors, the heinous deeds of gutless cowards; and they are truly a test.

You already know one story: the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  The other might be new to you: the trial of Kermit Gosnell.  New, only because the major news outlets have neglected its coverage.  (Even Snopes affirms that claim.)

The bomb — both in its composition and timing — was intended for maximum casualties, whether killed or maimed.  The number of amputations only underscores this fact.  As I write this, the casualties include 3 dead, and 176 wounded (17 critically).

In Philadelphia, the Gosnell case uncovered a squalid, unsanitary, dump of an abortion “clinic” with rusty “medical” equipment that was used — as is alleged — to perform illegal, late term abortions.  Also alleged: unlicensed “doctors”, anesthesia administered by a 15 year old girl; white girls from the suburbs receiving better care than their poor minority counterparts; that at least one abortion (on a minor) was performed against the patient’s will after she changed her mind, and that born-alive squirming, screaming babies had their spinal cords cut with scissors.   Patients suffered perforated internal organs, as well as exposure to disease through the reuse of disposable equipment.  (Did I mention that he cleared $1.5 Million a year?)

Since space is limited to properly inform my readers about this story, a few links can fill in the gaps.  The Snopes link (above) gives a brief summary of some of the more horrifying allegations including the numerous jars of fetal remains, the padlocked emergency exit, a non-functional defibrillator and the failure to give proper medical treatment.  

The case a reporter from The Atlantic makes for why this ought to be front-page news can be found here.  Official testimony about the toilet backing up once or twice a week, clogged by fetal remains and a description of how someone “scooped up body parts with shovel and put them in a bag that was taken to rat infested basement” is part of this article.  [These are not easy to read; you have been warned.]

Both of these stories involve the needless and gruesome deaths of ordinary people.  Just as importantly, in our hyper-political culture, both of these stories contain political third rails.

In Boston, what are the politics?  Apparently, it’s the threat of being called “Islamophobic”.  The media seems to be struggling with the question: how do you report a terrorist event in today’s politically charged environment without implicating Islam?  Whatever the right answer to that question might be, unfounded speculation about the guilt of some other group isn’t it.

We don’t yet know who is responsible, and cannot yet identify any groups or motives involved. But as dishonest as it is to pronounce guilt on Islam without corroborating evidence, hoping for a “politically correct” perpetrator is equally dishonest.  The victims’ lives are owed something better than platitudes.  When more is known about the bombing, will we demand justice, or equivocate — investigating nonsense like “root causes” and “exclusion”?  Let us hope the answer to that question does not change according to which group or ideology (if any) is implicated.

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