Potential Fall Out of SCOTUS and Same Sex Marriage

Written by Jerry Curry on April 14, 2013

Just because an adult thinks he has fallen in love with his teenage son or daughter; or a six year old thinks he or she has fallen in love with another six year old child, is not reason enough or sufficient justification enough for society to sanction their being united in marriage. Traditionally this foul way of life has been, and in my judgment should continue to be, unacceptable to American civilization.

This is not just about SCOTUS endorsing same sex marriage; it is about creating families, about connecting with the human race; it is about providing children with a father and mother image that they can emulate, and having parents that can mentor them. A family is more than a piece of paper saying two people are legally connected.

Our society and culture should not bless the homosexual life style just so a child can have two or more supposedly loving mothers or fathers. Because someone thinks they have fallen in love with a horse or a pet snake does not mean that they should be allowed to legally marry those animals with society’s blessing.

At the settling of an estate, just because an animal is mentioned in a will does not mean that that animal should be awarded a collection of Picasso paintings, a bank account, or a Bentley. For, over time, that is where all this leads.

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And once SCOTUS throws wide open society’s homosexual doors, it will be impossible to get the animals back into the barn, let alone back into the stall. Even worse, the lawyers will have a litigating field day. It is impossible to imagine how much fun lawyers will have and how creative they will become arguing cases under such a Supreme Court ruling.

According to our Founders, citizens’ rights transcend government rights; they are entitlements bestowed upon mankind at birth by a just God, the author of history and the Creator of divine law. That same God bestows upon mankind certain unalienable rights. Our government is crafted and designed to protect those rights, not just to exploit and enjoy the freedoms they provide.

In its deliberations and decisions concerning whether the Constitution permits citizens to openly flaunt the gay life style, SCOTUS should be guided by the natural law and moral code given to us by our Creator, the God of our founding.

In a society, without a moral basis for its actions and beliefs, any and everything is permissible, including the concocting of evil intrigues and abominable life styles.

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General Jerry Ralph Curry (D.Min.) is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper and Ranger. He enlisted in the Army as a Private and retired a Major General. For nearly forty years he and his wife Charlene have served this country both in the military and while he was a Presidential political appointee.


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