Redefining Marriage: What Slippery Slope?

Written by Wes Walker on April 26, 2013

salon_marriageWhen advocates of traditional families raised concerns that same-sex unions would lead to a slippery slope, and open up legal arguments for other, less socially palatable “unions”, the reactions ranged from ridicule to outrage.

Now, progressive factions are behaving as though that fight has concluded, and society is prepared to accept as “the new normal”, same-sex unions.

So, what about that slippery slope?  Bolstered by precisely the same lines of argument (including “born this way”, “who does it hurt”, “loving relationship”, and “who are you to say…”) people are already making moves to other, less palatable unions.

Time Magazine reported on polygamy activism as #5 in the top-ten marriage stories of 2012.

ClashDaily recently highlighted the story about the lesbian activist openly stating her desire to not merely redefine family, but to eliminate it entirely.  Then was the story about a woman having an incestuous relationship with her grandson, and carrying his child.  (Good luck mapping out that family tree!)

But why stop there?  That same line of argumentation is being made in Germany for — wait for it — man’s *ahem* “best friend”.  Yes, you can now add “zoophile” to the litany of groups clamoring for public acceptance.  And remember, if you oppose it, you’re probably just a zoo-o-phobe.  You h8r, you.
Need I mention the groups (now including academia) seeking to normalize pedophilia?  Or the fact that a rumor about pending post-mortem coitus legislation in Egypt was taken seriously?

How did we get here, people?  Too easily.  Once you make mere desire, or what you “want” the plumb line of morality, all bets are off.

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