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Singer Slams Charlatans In The Church

microphone-blogAs the title will tell ya, this might pinch a little.

I’m not normally a Hip-hop kind of a guy, but this track is exactly the kind straight-talking antidote we need for all the foolishness on so-called Christian television.  A couple of things before I turn you loose on the link.

1) If we, the public, actually used our God-given discernment and cut some of these clowns from the herd, they wouldn’t be cheapening the Name of Christ in the eyes of outsiders.

2) Scripture promised that false teachers would be in our midst.  It isn’t judgmental to drive them out.  It’s actually heartless to let wolves prowl among the sheep.  It used to be called Church Discipline, folks.  Look it up.

3) If today’s pulpits presented a clear gospel that wasn’t watered down with sales-pitches and warm fuzzies, one that led believers into a Bible-founded maturity these hucksters would be rejected without a moment’s hesitation.

The track is entitled “Fal$e Teacher$” by Shai Linne.

Check it out here!

(His short video on the same page gives background on the song, too.)

Wes Walker

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