The Word of God

Written by Wes Walker on April 3, 2013

1760_Cambridge_Edition_King_James_BibleThe Bible is the most influential book of all time.  It is dismissed, argued over, challenged, reverenced, and molded to suit private and public agendas of every sort.

So why is it still so important all these years later?  Because many Christians believe it is exactly what it claims to be.  Many of us have trusted in it, and found what it says about itself trustworthy, as well as what it says about God, history, and human nature.

It sheds light on a world anchored in history with real events, places, and people.  The precision with which it records even small details lend an objective credibility to the text.  How credible?  It was credible enough that skeptical archeologist William Ramsay came back calling the Biblical author Luke “among the historians of the first rank”.

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