Unwanted — But Not Aborted

Written by Pauline Wolak on April 24, 2013

MH900049975After more than a month of testimony, last week the prosecution rested in the Kermit Gosnell trial. It’s been a criminal case literally decades in the making. Gosnell opened for business in 1979. His office wasn’t raided until February 18, 2010. It’s safe to say the place could have doubled as the backdrop to a Wes Craven film. Horrific doesn’t begin to describe what authorities found during the raid. Blood-stained furniture, unsterilized equipment, the bodies of aborted babies left throughout the clinic, a complete absence of licensed medical professionals (including Gosnell whom I refuse to call a doctor); these are just a few facts testified to during the trial.

Lack of media coverage wasn’t really a surprise. The abortion debate isn’t something most people in America want to have, least of all left-leaning “news” organizations. Throw in the race and poverty cards and you have a story screaming to be ignored. You see, it’s pretty hard to be politically correct about abortion. For the pro-choice crowd, it’s a women’s rights issue. For pro-lifers, it’s akin to murder. And when it comes to Kermit Gosnell, it’s hard to deny that murder is exactly what it is.

Yet, a denial of sorts continues. Blogs and news websites are filled with comments. None support Gosnell, but they do continue to support abortion as a worthy “choice” and the Philly clinic a rarity. To think that Gosnell’s clinic is the only one like it is to deny reality. Kermit Gosnell was in business for 31 years. In 31 years he was sued 46 times. And his butcher shop was inspected five times. 26 yearly inspections missed. And how did any ONE, much less FIVE, inspections pass?? How often is this happening in America? The lack of oversight is nothing short of state-sponsored murder.

I’ve seen comments referring to babies as “parasites.” I’ve heard the argument that if we limit the availability of abortion, it’ll only beget “back alley” clinics. (Hello? This is reality calling. Would you mind reading the Grand Jury report and tell me what kind of clinic Gosnell was running).

Of all the comments I’ve read, this one hit me the hardest both for the sheer irony and the vast stupidity it emotes. On Al Jazeera, “Regula” writes:

Adoption is not such a good alternative. The birth mother will always feel guilty of having given her child away and wonder if it is treated well or not. A lot of adopted children don’t live well. A lot of unwanted children end up in foster homes, moved from one home to another like an unwanted piece of furniture. Abortion is a much kinder way to accept that a woman wasn’t ready for a child. You don’t have to punish women with excessive hardship just because they got pregnant in a moment of forgetfulness or because they were pushed and pestered into having sex or for so many other reasons. You don’t accuse the fathers of not being around, of having fathered a child for which they don’t accept responsibility. That is really just more 19th century attitude that a woman should bear the burden of motherhood at all costs.

To sum up:
1. Women are slaves to their uterus unless they have access to abortion, just like in the 1800’s.
2. Abortion is “kinder.” (You know, to the aborter, not so much to the abortee.).
3. It’s better to remove unwanted children from your life like you would a mole or a wart. So they don’t feel bad about being treated like furniture.
4. Abortion removes all guilt. Killing is better for your soul than giving life. (Huh?????)

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