Add An NYU Prof on the “Dump Marriage” Bangwagon

Written by Wes Walker on May 3, 2013

Supporters of the traditional definitions of marriage have long been called paranoid or alarmist for their concerns that social engineering were an attack on traditional families, and as a result, on the society of which the family is the foundational building block.

Some excerpts from the story:

Professor Judith Stacey the essential question: What is marriage?  She goes on to ask, “Why should there be marriage at all?”

Stacey concedes that we live in a world where marriage exists and so asks, “What should limit [marriage] to two, and why should it be monogamous?”

Stacey rejects the relationship between marriage policy and the interests of children. She also rejects the overwhelming evidence that children tend to do best when raised by their married, biological parents: “I would say that children certainly do not need a mother and a father…There is no evidence that three parents would not be better than two.”

In fact, Stacey goes so far as to attest, “I suspect, for the reasons of selection effects, the children of gay male co-parents will wind up having probably the best parents.”

Here is the full story.

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