Benghazi: Hillary Could Eat Kittens While Stomping on a Naked Granny and the “Media” Would Hail It as ‘Poetry’

Written by Doug Giles on May 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 4.15.56 PMSo, what did the rest of the world learn that the likes of MSNBC and CNN see as a non-story? PJMedia’s Bryan Preston summed it up succinctly with these seven salient points. Please forward this to the dill weeds working the lame stream media’s important stuff section.

1. There were multiple stand-down orders, not just one. Oh, do tell these daft propagandists that military personnel were furious when they were given the orders to “stand down” and not protect our consulate. Thank you.

2. Ambassador Stevens’ reason for going to Benghazi has been cleared up.

3. Clinton was briefed at 2 am on the night of the attack, was never told that a movie had anything to do with the attack by those on the ground in Libya, yet she blamed the movie anyway.

4. Whistle-blowers were intimidated into silence.

5. “The YouTube movie was a non-event in Libya.”

6. Democrats were uninterested in getting at most of the facts, but were very interested in destroying Mark Thompson.

7. House hearings are a poor way to determine who did what and why during and after the attack.

Also, please let them know that the White House’s Benghazi talking points underwent twelve revisions and were scrubbed of any terror references. They might wanna note that.

Even with all the above, I still fear that Miss Hillary will skate away unscathed. However, there is a vestige of hope, albeit it is a small one, that people on both sides of the political aisle are finally getting pig sick of any and all prostitutes, I mean politicians, who will lie to our face.

Benghazi Gate.

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