Bette Midler Thanks IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups

Published on May 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 4.28.52 PMSince news broke that the IRS targeted conservative organizations due to their political views, some on the left have celebrated the actions. The latest to do so is Bette Midler, who took to Twitter Thursday to thank the IRS for going after the small government movement, Twitchy reported.

“The IRS overtaxing The Tea Party? I never thought I’d say this to the IRS – THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR DENYING 501C-4 to any group who hates,” she wrote.

Some of her followers expressed support for her position.

“[A]men sister. The best thing the IRS ever did. Ought to get a medal not a scandal,” one person said.

“I’m SOOO with you on that!!! The Tea Party should be harassed some more,” tweeted “peep.”

“You can overtax #TeaParty members by asking them to point out Europe on a map or by giving them a simple math test,” another person tweeted.

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