Bomb-Diggety! Terrorist Bombers Teaching our Young

Published on May 9, 2013

Are you getting all this? This woman served over 20 years in prison on charges of FELONY MURDER. I’ll ask again, for any far left readers here, are you getting all this? She is a CONVICTED cop killer, and she has been hired to teach at Columbia University. What the heck is wrong with people today? REALLY!

The bull crap premise that apologists are using is that we shouldn’t deny ex-cons a second chance at life. They say that they served their time and that they should be allowed a chance to live a normal life. You know what? I am somewhat understanding of this concept. If a person commits a crime and pays their debt to society, I’m ok with giving them a second chance at life. However I expect some common sense to be exercised when employing these individuals. A second chance at life does not mean a second chance to commit a heinous crime.

Question, would you allow a child rapist to get a job as a teacher or a baby sitter around young children? Would you allow a thief to work as a jewelry salesman or the treasurer of a cash only business? Well, actually, given our current administration and the bull crap, politically correct garbage they spew, they probably would allow it, they might even force it. But we level headed individuals can all agree that it is neither the right or smart thing to do.

That being said, why would you allow someone that was the member of a terrorist group to have access to young impressionable minds? Why would you allow someone that went to prison for the FELONY MURDER of police officers to have access to young minds? Why would anyone allow this? It is beyond stupid, ridiculous and a terrible slap in the face to the families and friends of those victims. It is sickening. I’ll ask again, What the heck is wrong with people today?

It is my personal belief that a murderer should never, ever be able to take a breath of air as a free person. Never. Seeing as though our government has granted this killer her freedom, I agree that she has to somehow earn a living. I’m a reasonable man. As I have no choice but to accept that they freed her, I can accept that she needs to eat.

What I cannot accept is that this murderous trash is being allowed to educate our young people. The universities are already littered with leftist extremist. Adding members of terrorist groups and cop killers to the roster is just another huge black eye for our nation and our educational system. No wonder that we are so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to education. I bet China is laughing at the level of stupidity on display here.

I wonder, 20 years from now, will the Boston terrorists have a job teaching at Harvard? Would you guys be ok with that? If the answer to that is no, why in the world would you allow this woman, or any member of the Weather Underground terrorist group to do so? Just because you were not around to experience it like you were the Boston bombings, that doesn’t mean that it is ok or any less terrible.

Oh, and Robert Redford, shame on you, man, SHAME ON YOU. Making a movie attempting to paint the actions of this murderer in a nicer light? I will do everything in my power to make sure that people are aware of this despicable behavior. Also, shame on all of the universities that are providing these criminals a safe haven and granting them access to our young, bright minds. You are disgusting and you sicken me. I wonder if you’d be so inclined to forgive her if your father was the officer that was murdered by Boudin. Disgusting!

Image: FBI poster: members of Weatherman Underground (incl. Ayers, Boudin, Dohrn); date: 1970; source: http://blog.changeand;publicdomain

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