Dallas Morning News Ad: 5 Reasons Boy Scouts Shouldn’t Yield

Published on May 23, 2013

DallasAd-1-283x237Boy Scouts of America delegates will vote TODAY on a resolution that will introduce open homosexuality into Scouting’s ranks and eventually, in all likelihood, into Scouting leadership. This open letter calls on ALL DELEGATES to VOTE NO on the resolution and thereby preserve Scouting’s timeless values and honor 103 years of faithful service to our nation and her boys.

1) The resolution is halfway to OPEN HOMOSEXUALITY for adults: Legal experts estimate the new rule on open homosexuality will extend to everyone in the BSA, including adults, within only a few years. It is expected that lawsuits will be brought immediately by gay-rights activists once an openly gay Boy Scout turns 18 and is unable to continue in the program.

2) FORCES ALL Scouting units to accept openly gay youth: The resolution requires every Scouting unit, regardless of the religious convictions of its chartered partners, to accept “open and avowed homosexuality” among boys in their program, effectively repudiating the religious beliefs and theology of the vast majority of faith-based groups which charter 70% of all Scouting units.

To read the rest, see the full ad click here: http://www.onmyhonor.net/2013/05/22/onmyhonor-nets-ad-in-the-dallas-morning-news/

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