Eat This ACLU: High School Has Graduation Prayer Despite Objections

Published on May 31, 2013

Kentucky’s Lincoln County High School’s graduation ceremony included a student-led prayer last Friday, despite objections from at least six of the school’s students.

A YouTube video of the prayer, led by the class president Jonathan Hardwick, shows Hardwick receiving a standing ovation after he thanked the Lord for blessing the students with many talents.

Earlier this year, several students complained to school officials that including a prayer in the graduation ceremony would infringe on their constitutional rights, according to WKYT. At least one student, who identifies as atheist, reportedly asked the school hold a moment of silence instead.

In previous years, the school relied on a unanimous vote to determine whether or not a prayer would be held during the graduation ceremony. This year, amid students’ objections, the school did not hold a vote or include a prayer in the ceremony’s schedule, principal Timothy Godbey told The Huffington Post.

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