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Entitlement Mentality: You Change! I Don’t Want To.

No organization could exist without rules or mores. The economic and ethical issues facing politicians in Washington, as well as the demise of the city of Detroit, are sad reminders of what happens when leaders hold themselves to different standards than those under them, or to no standards at all.

The politicians who are responsible for the problems that will eventually consume future generations enjoy the privilege and power that comes with their political offices, yet they seemingly reject the responsibility of using that power according to its intended purpose. These politicians have much in common with people who try to cling onto other groups, without making the necessary sacrifices.

Is America headed for a recession?

An individual, who calls himself or herself the member of a religion, without accepting the beliefs, discipline and sacrifice of that religion, is similar to someone who had never been a member of the military, yet wears a military uniform that was purchased at a surplus store, or someone who buys an old Crown Victoria, then tries to impersonate a police officer. These people want the recognition of belonging to a disciplined organization, without making the commitment of a legitimate member.

As long as there have been religion and politics – and even successful businesses, such as Burger King, there have been self-serving people who have tried to corrupt those entities for their own reasons. From militant feminists who assault a benign member of the clergy, to armchair restaurant managers who have no problem trying to use the government to operate someone else’s business, to politicians who pervert the authority of their office — in order to remain in office – the inner and outer threats to jobs, government, and religion will remain. But those threats are most likely a necessary evil, since they are living examples of the anarchy that would replace what many people may otherwise take for granted.

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Chuck Gruenwald

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for

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