Episcopalian Church: Calling Good Evil, and Evil Good

Written by Wes Walker on May 22, 2013

episcopalIt’s no wonder that the denomination is dying — who could sit under such vapid nonsense?

Wasn’t there once a time when the Episcopal Church (as it is now known) was part of the rich and storied tradition that was the Church of England; a tradition once known for a rich appreciation for the Bible, and the truths therein?

Not only have they laid the axe to the root of that tradition, but they’ve turned it on the Bible itself.  Which might lead one to ask “why bother” calling yourself a church at all?  (Their declining numbers suggest that others have already asked that question.)

None other than their presiding bishop has picked a fight with Paul.  As in Paul, the Apostle, author of much of the New Testament.

To hear her tell it, being a Christian is first and foremost about conformity.  It’s about live-and-let-live, or in the words of their alleged bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, “Looking for the reflection of God’s glory all around us means changing our lenses, or letting the scales on our eyes fall away.  That kind of change isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s the only road to the kingdom of God”

In the above paragraph, she has rejected salvation by faith, and replaced it with her own works-righteousness model.  And as the infomercials say: “but wait,  there’s more!”

She also gave one of the most irresponsibly twisted interpretations of scripture I’ve ever seen, (which is really saying something, since I’ve watched some Christian television in my day).

She preached about how Paul improperly(!) dealt with the slave girl of Acts 16. In her words, “he responds by depriving her of her gift of spiritual awareness” .  He was thrown in prison (she claims) for not recognizing the beauty of this slave girl’s gift. She goes on to say “It makes me wonder what would have happened to that slave girl if Paul had seen the spirit of God in her.”

She so blithely criticizes the good things her moral betters have done as “evil”, while declaring the supposed moral goodness of things abhorrent to the God her denomination once knew.

This apostate bishop goes one better.  She claims that the pagan “spiritual insights” that Paul rejected in this girl were “the spirit of God.”   And — she claims — Paul somehow wickedly deprived her of God’s Spirit. (She doesn’t say how.)

The rest of the article, if you can bear it, can be found here: http://anglicanink.com/article/diversity-not-jesus-saves-says-presiding-bishop.

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