Hallelujah: Kidnapped Women Found Alive After a Decade

Published on May 7, 2013

Cops arrest 3 brothers after 3 Ohio women missing for a decade found alive Published May 07, 2013 | FoxNews.com

Authorities say three brothers have been arrested after three women who vanished about a decade ago in separate cases were found alive Monday in a residential area just south of downtown Cleveland, just a few miles from where they disappeared.

One of the women said she had been abducted and told a 911 dispatcher in a frantic call, “I’m free now.”
One of the brothers, Ariel Castro, a 52-year-old, reportedly lived at the home, and the others, ages 50 and 54, lived elsewhere.

Castro was identified by one of the kidnapped women, Amanda Berry, in the 911 call, and was later arrested in connection to the case. Castro moved into the area in 1992. Neighbors considered him a loner who kept shades drawn over his windows and would only leave the home at night. In 1993, he was arrested for domestic violence, but a grand jury dropped the charges and he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Cheering crowds gathered Monday night near the house where police say Berry, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus and Michelle Knight were found. Police say a 6-year-old was also found in the home, but the child’s identity or relationship to anyone in the home wasn’t revealed.

The three women were treated in the MetroHealth Emergency Department last night, and released on Tuesday morning.

Police didn’t immediately provide any details of how the women were found but said they appeared to be in good health and had been taken to a hospital for evaluation, where they would be reunited with their relatives.

Cleveland’s police chief says he believes the three women were tied up in the house where they were found and had been there since they disappeared.

One neighbor, Charles Ramsey, told Fox 8 he heard screaming, found Berry at the door of the house and helped her call police.

Ramsey said the door would open only enough to fit a hand through. He said she was trying desperately to get outside and pleaded for help to reach police.

“I heard screaming,” he said. “I’m eating my McDonald’s. I come outside. I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house.”

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