Hero Alert: Charles Ramsey Rescues Kidnapped Amanda Berry and He’s Hilarious!

Published on May 7, 2013

Doug Giles –  Chuck is a trip.  Watch the video.  He’s heroic and hilarious.  Great job Mr. Ramsey.

Fox News.  We’re hearing an incredible story this morning about three women who escaped from a Cleveland home after being held captive for about 10 years each. The suspected kidnapper, Ariel Castro, is in police custody.

Fox and Friends aired an interview with Charles Ramsey, a neighbor who heard screams yesterday and helped Amanda Berry escape the house and call 911.

Ramsey said he never thought that the woman was actually Amanda Berry. The news reporter then asked him if he ever knew there were any women living in the house.

“No! I’d have pulled this heroic stuff last year!” said Ramsey.

Read more: foxnewsinsider.com

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