Hillary Benghazi Clinton Let Them Die Alert: “It’s 3am and Hillary’s Trying to Get Much Needed Beauty Sleep”

For his “One More Thing” Thursday afternoon, The Five‘s Eric Bolling shared a campaign ad that he said was up for grabs for Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio to use in 2016. With the new ad, Bolling raised the question of just how much Hillary Clinton‘s role in the Benghazi aftermath will play into her presidential chances.

The ad consists of Clinton’s famous “3AM” spot from her 2008 campaign, followed by the clip of Clinton asking “What difference at this point does it make?” during her January hearing and the photos of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi attack. Bolling let his creation speak for itself, but he is quite overtly planting the seed that Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi issue will be problematic, to say the least, in 2016.

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