IRS Targeting Conservative Groups – Sometimes Government Agencies Really Are Out to Get You!

Published on May 14, 2013

by Synnove Bakke
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

ManWearingTinFoilHatI have always been one to fight against political conspiracy theories. I have, at times, tried to make people on my side of the political spectrum see reason when they made wild accusations against the Government. I would often think to myself; “Hey, they’re making us Right Wingers look crazy and delusional.”
However, the recent IRS admittance that the agency entrusted with the American people’s secrets and taxes went and got politicized; have me frantically looking around for a tin foil hat of my own. It was a jaw dropping experience. I could not believe that the agency since 2011 has been targeting Conservative groups with “Patriot” or “Tea Party” in their names for audits.
This very agency will soon be entrusted with Americans’ Healthcare due to ObamaCare coming into affect. Anyone trust this compromised Government Agency with anything to do with our Health Care at this point?
I’m sure heads are rolling in the IRS as we speak. They’re taking from the President’s Benghazi playbook and are creating talking points, and are looking for scapegoats. You just know someone is getting thrown under the bus. According to FOX news this morning, IRS higher ups claim it was low level agency workers infringing on Americans rights.

Yea right! As if we believe anything coming out of their mouths at this point.
Concentrated Power has always been the enemy of Liberty – Ronald Reagan

get-attachment (1)Synnove Bakke has lived in a socialist country, Norway, and from that experience, studying American political history, and comparing the two nations, realized she is a Reagan Conservative Republican. She was an activist for a few years, and belonged to a few different Tea Party groups after Obama was elected in ’08. She went to Tea Party Rallies in DC and NYC, until she realized, living in blue NJ, that she could make more of a difference from within the party.

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