Jon Stewart Wakes Up From His Obama Zombie Slumber

Published on May 16, 2013

stewart_rectMonday, liberal comedian and satirist Jon Stewart seemed to have had an epiphany, which you can watch here. It is a nearly seven minute piece in which he begins with the current Benghazi scandal, and opines that, as Obama said, it is just a paranoid delusion and circus side show of the nasty Republicans who just don’t seem to appreciate Obama’s brilliant handling of the situation that wound up causing the death of four Americans.

Suddenly he is interrupted by a video clip of the announcement on CBS News that the IRS has admitted that it targeted conservative groups for scrutiny in violation of its own regulations and despite previous denials of having done so. Stewart then suffers a comedic melt-down during which he launches more f-bombs than Hamas launches missiles over a Jewish holiday, and asks his normally beloved government, “What did you do?”

He then feigns attempting to excuse the various transgressions of the IRS, and at every turn plays a clip where his attempted excuses are shown to be futile. The news report details how Tea Party organizations were targeted, as well as groups engaging in subversive activities such as educating people about the constitution. As Stewart points out, it is logical that people who are using the IRS to crack down on political enemies would not want Americans educated about the Constitution.

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