MAN STUFF: Young Huntress Gives Dating Advice to Male Punks

Published on May 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 8.37.55 AMA while back I received several e-mails from guys requesting my advice on how to attract a female like me.  You see, they seem to have a hard time attracting women that are into shooting and the outdoors… and I understand this.

Being that we humans aren’t whitetail deer and you can’t rub your scent on a tree to find yourself a mate, it makes things harder for guys.

I’ve decided to throw these guys a bone, and any others who need help, on how to attract such a lady.  Here are essential points to follow in attracting the Katniss Everdeen for your life:

1.   Confidence is key:

Now, I know I said we weren’t whitetail, but since you did mention you wanted a woman of the outdoors, I will use an analogy that caters to this community.

Women want the stud buck, bear or lion in their life.  They want the alpha male, the one who walks out into the field and you know… he’s the man.  However, don’t confuse this with arrogance; that is one thing women can’t stand.

2. Class not swag:

The woman who is into shooting and the outdoors is usually someone who is confident in herself.  Knowing that, she will never choose a man who carries himself with “swag” and treats women as objects.  A hundred times over …and over, they will choose a man who has “class” and treats them with the respect they deserve.

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