Muslims in America: Sue Me if I Wrote This Wrong

Written by Donald Joy on May 1, 2013

800px-Coexist-bumperstickerThis morning, a Muslim guy started an argument with me because he was upset after seeing the new bumper sticker I just put on my car a couple of days ago.  The sticker says:  “You Can’t ‘COEXIST’ With People Who Want To Kill You.”  

I’m sure most readers are already familiar with those ‘COEXIST’ bumper stickers, which spell out the word using the symbols of the world’s major religions as letters.  Liberals drive around with them on their cars.  One of them got carjacked and almost killed by the murdering Muslim Borat bombers near Boston recently, barely escaping with his life. 

Why did I order that bumper sticker from and put it on my car?  

After a full week that saw the Chechen welfare-parasites executing and gravely wounding various American civilians and cops in hot jihad and cold blood, and causing an entire major metropolitan area to be placed under a locked-down, frantic, shelter-in-place siege of martial law and fear, I attended my regular Sunday evening meeting at a local church.  Just before the meeting got started, I was physically nauseated when the group’s chairperson walked over to me where I sat, to put out his hand and greeted me; his chest was about at my eye-level, and on the front of his T-shirt was a naive hippie “COEXIST” graphic.  

As if that wasn’t bad enough, halfway through the meeting in walked a Muslim man with whom I’d had, incidentally, a rather intense (but cordial) discussion about religions, cults, and politics the previous Sunday night – the night before the Boston marathon.  The night before the day of the bombings.

After stewing for about a minute in the dissonance and distress at the situation I found myself in, the prospect of trying to fellowship with such people in those circumstances, I promptly stood up and walked out of the meeting as the chairperson announced the half-time break. 

The next day, I went online and ordered the bumper sticker.  The same Muslim man from the Sunday night meetings, who’d commented on my now-removed Romney bumper sticker in an accusatory tone, will now have a different decoration upon which to bemuse himself the next time he sees my car in the lot.  

I’ll spare you all of the minute, brief dialogue and details of how my mild confrontation with “Achmed” went this morning, other than to say it took place in the lobby of an office building, lasted no more than a couple of minutes, and didn’t escalate beyond mere words with only slightly raised voices, both of us doing our best to avoid anger.  

I had not had any coffee yet, was in no mood to be challenged, and I had repeatedly asked him if he was really, really sure he wanted to have the conversation he was insisting we have.  He insisted, and we did.  I gave him a very small, restrained taste of my version of counter-jihad.  I don’t think he will be asking for more.  

The way he finally broke it off, though, is particularly noteworthy.  

The guy ended our exchange by bringing up the Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre of last year, throwing it out as an equivalent example of horrific violence supposedly having nothing to do with Islam, just before he abruptly told me to have a good day, that he didn’t want to kill me, and walked away.  I was happy to let him have the last word and be gone from me.   

Extremely poor choice of counter-argument by him, however:  Immediately after he was gone, I remembered that the shooter in that Aurora theater case, James Holmes, announced right after the attack that he had converted to Islam, that he prays 5 times a day toward Mecca, eats a strict halal diet, has grown a scraggly, sharia-compliant beard, and has claimed in court that the attack was actually an act of jihad against infidels! 

Nothing like letting one’s opponent have the last word, when it unexpectedly destroys their own argument…       
What shall we do?  Our government and mainstream institutions have a policy of denying reality and ignoring a glaring, obvious, deadly terrorism threat because they don’t want to profile or offend members of a certain group:  Muslims.  Of course, profiling and offending members of certain other groups (Christians, gun owners, whites, veterans) is at the top of their agenda, nonetheless.

Why not, instead, just earnestly deploy our intellects and security apparati, and educate Americans about the true nature of Islam – be willing, as a society, to risk erring on the side of offending Muslims, and thereby protect children like 8-year-old Martin Richard and his 7-year-old little sister Jane, and their mother, from the exploding violence of Islamic jihad in places like Boston? 

I almost cry every time I gaze upon the picture of wide-eyed, bright-eyed little Martin Richard at school, holding his handmade sign which read “No more hurting people – PEACE.”  Call me impartial – I do have a son, and he looks a lot like Martin. 

Are Muslims’ feelings more important than saving the life of an innocent little boy, and the lives of others? Should those who breed, and spread, and give support to anti-American sharia and sedition have the Constitutional right to subvert the culture of natural, God-given rights my forefathers fought to enshrine here in these 50 states? 

I say NO.  


Islam is not some peaceful religion which deserves the protection of our nation’s system of laws.  Islam is a murderous, totalitarian political regime which has expanded over the centuries and across continents through intimidation, terror, rape, and slaughter.  I call it the Manson Family on a global scale.  

The evidence?  1,400 years of documented, hyper-aggressive, brutal conquest, including over 20,000 acts of terror around the globe just since September 11th, 2001 alone, and all of it commanded by the manifold doctrinal texts of Islam (The Koran, the Hadiths, and Surahs, among others) – not to mention the example found in the bloodthirsty tactics of Mohammed himself, who is deemed “the perfect man” in Islam.  That’s the proof.  The proof continues to pour in from around the world, every hour of every day. 

I urge everyone to watch Dr. Bill Warner’s excellent presentation on YouTube, titled Why We Are Afraid: A 1,400 Year Secret

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.