New Jersey Governor Christie at Twitter War

Published on May 1, 2013

by Synnove Bakke
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

get-attachmentNormally Governor Christie uses his Twitter for spreading info about events and bills, etc.; but yesterday had him at Twitter war with Conservative bloggers over the Sandy Relief Bill on timing of when the bill was pork laden, and on when he attacked the Republican run Congress (his own party).

Definition of “Pork” is: unnecessary and totally irrelevant spending that has nothing to do with why the bill was written in the first place.

The bloggers called him out on supporting a Pork laden Sandy Relief Bill, and accused him of rewriting history. They accused him of attacking his own party in Congress when they didn’t pass the pork laden Bill in time, but rather pulled the Bill from being voted on due to excessive amounts of “pork”.

Christie repeatedly said that he did not. He claims he criticized Congress and supported the Relief Bill after the Pork was out

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