NFL MVP Adrian Peterson on Gay Marriage: ‘Not Something I Believe In’

Published on May 30, 2013

702px-Adrian_Peterson_VikingsMinnesota Viking superstar Adrian Peterson has, tactfully, expressed his disagreement with the idea of “gay marriage”. He might want to keep handy ESPN commentator Chris Broussard’s phone number: Broussard recently found out anything less than fulsome praise for all thing “Gay” will not be tolerated — even when a public figure is simply answering a question about the topic. Hopefully, he and Peterson will be able to offer one another moral support for their stand on this moral issue …

Details below …

NFL MVP Peterson on Gay Marriage: ‘That’s Not Something I Believe In’
May 29, 2013 – 8:07 AM
By Eric Scheiner

( – Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says when it comes to gay marriage, “That’s not something I believe in.”

Peterson made his comments in an interview Sunday with Bruce Murray and Amani Toomer of Sirius/XM NFL radio. The NFL MVP was discussing former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, an advocate for gay rights and gay marriage, who was recently cut from the team.

The hosts of the show asked Peterson for his thoughts on speculation that Kluwe may have been cut for supporting gay marriage.

Peterson replied, “Since he came out for gay marriage? To each his own. You know, I’m not with it …”

Read the rest/ hear the audio clip at: NFL MVP Petersen on Gay Marriage

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