Nugent: Public Schools Are Brain Washing Camps That Whiz on Guns

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 9.19.51 AMTed Nugent takes aim at public school systems and President Obama with his latest blog post titled “The Saul Alinsky Plot To Vilify Guns.”

On the right-wing website WND, the outspoken rocker labels public schools as “social engineering indoctrination camps,” and claims that those “camps” are “Intentionally sending the message to kids and parents alike that guns are evil. Commie community organizer Saul Alinsky  [the polarizing figure who is celebrated for his methods of community organizing] would be proud.”

“Of course, if a kid showed up wearing a shirt with a picture of the president’s mug on it and the words ‘Like President Obama, I support abortion,’ that would be just fine as that message fits the ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda even though abortion, not guns, is what’s eliminating the inner-city population.”

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