Obama, Planned Parenthood, Gosnell: Blood for the Blood God

Published on May 1, 2013

by Ron Collins
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Tools_of_Sacrifice_(8184673633)So, I clicked the link from Drudge to see what the pResident had to say in his truly unprecedented appearance at, and speech, to Planned Parenthood and lo and behold there it was; “Blood for the blood god”(1). Perhaps that’s not the exact words he used but that’s all I could hear. In his windup in front of the crowd of heartless ghouls who support the murder of the most innocent among us, Mr. pResident finished with a hearty “god bless you”.

With his words as president and actions or non-actions as senator, Mr.0bama has given his blessing and support to those who commit these heinous crimes against the unborn. As a legislator in Illinois he opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. This act was an attempt to protect “any life expelled from a mother”. Through actions and deeds our pResident has asked his god to bless Dr. Gosnell. “Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!”(1)

Thou shall not be punished with a child; by any means necessary. While Christians pray for his soul, and our country, I cannot help but consider what punishments await those who go to their grave with such a belief and ardent support of this slaughter. From the rich man and Lazarus we know it’s not beer and brats, rather eternal torment. I would imagine the supporters and perpetrators of abortion will be hanging out somewhere on the level of Hitler and Stalin, perhaps even a few levels lower.

But what god sanctions the Dr. Gosnells of America to murder the innocent and blesses a country that supports it? The ancient Mayan culture participated in human sacrifice and some Old Testament religions did as well. Is this the gods he invokes when asking for these blessings?

These murderous cultures no longer exist. While the scientific community tries to unravel the secrets of the ancient Mayans and their wonderful culture, I believe they fail to see the eradication of it quite possibly came as punishment or a result of the senseless slaughter and outright rejection of the sanctity of human life.

This is the very path we are currently on. Of course we are a sanitized civilization and no longer use stone or bone knives to carve out the hearts of the sacrifice atop an altar. Now it’s supposedly a sterile setting with surgical steel and saline solutions. Or we no longer openly offer the children to Baal by tossing live screaming children into pits of fire in full public view. Now the remains of those born alive and who have their spinal cord severed or scissors pushed into the backs of their heads are unsanctimoniously flushed down a device used for human waste. We hide behind closed doors using the latest technology to end life in this “humane” way.

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