Obama’s Boy Pfeiffer: It’s “Irrelevant” Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attack

Published on May 19, 2013

CHRIS WALLACE: What did the president do the rest of that night to pursue Benghazi?

DAN PFEIFFER: Look, the president was kept up to date on this as it was happening throughout the entire night — from the moment it started until the very end. This is a horrible tragedy. These are people he sent abroad whose lives are at risk, people who work for him. And I recognize there is a series of conspiracy theories that Republicans have been spinning about this since the night it happened. There has been an independent review of this, Congress had held hearings, we’ve provided 250,000 pages of documents up there, there’s been 11 hearings, 20 staff briefings…

WALLACE: With due respect, you didn’t answer my question. What did the president do that night?

PFEIFFER: He was kept — he was in constant touch that night with his national security team and kept up-to-date as events were happening.

WALLACE: You say the national security team, but he didn’t talk to the Secretary of State, except for the one time when the first attack was over. He didn’t’ talk to the Secretary of Defense. He didn’t talk to the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs. Who was he talking to?

PFEIFFER: He was talking to his national security staff, his National Security Council, the people who keep him up-to-date about these things as they happen.

WALLACE: Was he in the Situation Room?

PFEIFFER: He was kept up-to-date throughout the day.

WALLACE: Do you not know if he was in the Situation Room?

PFEIFFER: I don’t know. I don’t remember what room the president was in on that night. That’s a largely irrelevant fact.

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