Open Season on Republican Strategists and RINOs

Written by John Kirkwood on May 30, 2013

800px-Die_Gartenlaube_(1875)_b_625The most useless animal in the world is the “Republican Strategist.” Dennis Miller hung up on me once for daring to challenge the acuity of his “Republican Strategist” friend on his radio program. The strategist, Mike Murphy, was lamenting John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate and forcefully declaring that had McCain chosen the pro-abortion Tom Ridge, he would have rode a moderate wave to victory.

Hey, Dennis, know what your friend is doing now? Making gun-control commercials for Nanny Bloomberg. Yeah, that’s Republican.

Not known as “The Stupid Party” for lack of evidence, a “Republican Strategist” the other day on C-Span was asked the typical liberal loaded question in regard to President Obama’s recent scandals:

Are you afraid that your colleagues are going to ‘over-reach’ like they did against Bill Clinton during his scandals?”

The “strategist” looking like a dog who was just confronted by the puddle on the carpet actually apologized for those nutty Republicans who half-assed the impeachment of the perjurer and serial philanderer/alleged rapist that was slick Willy –

Yeah, we better be careful because Bill Clinton’s popularity today is certainly a lesson that we can all learn from.

Oh, I get it. Let Obama slide on the death of four civil servants; gun running to Mexico, Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood; wiretapping journalists and stoking the IRS to scorch his enemies. And those are only the scandals we know about.

Here’s how anyone with a spine and a virile member would answer that question:

SNARKY REPORTER: “So, Mr. Kirkwood, are you worried at all that your Republican Colleagues will ‘over-reach’ on these so-called scandals, driving the Independents away and deteriorating the Republican Party’s already pitiful approval numbers?”

MR. KIRKWOOD: “You know, I’m really glad you asked that question and I’m glad you asked it like a eunuch whose family is being held hostage by Michele Obama.

Riddle me this, Satan’s Sock-Puppet: Do you think it might be a bit of an over-reach for this President or any President to wiretap reporters? No, don’t look down at your talking points from Media Matters; answer the question!

Don’t like that one, well how about this, do you think it may be a bit of an ‘over-reach’ to go to sleep after you were informed that an American Ambassador and his station was ‘broken arrow’ and then to, oh I don’t know, wake up the next morning and fly out to Vegas to slouch toward Gomorrah with Jay-Z and Beyoncé?

Do you think it’s a bit of an ‘over-reach’ to treat Tea Party and Religious groups like a piñata and the IRS like a Louisville Slugger?

Do you think it may be an ‘over-reach’ to run guns to Mexican drug lords as a campaign talking point to do away with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution that you swore to uphold?

Do you think it may be a bit of an over-reach for a dip-thong like you who is supposed to be a guardian of the 1st Amendment to act the part of lapdog and not watchdog?”

SNARKY REPORTER: “Well, uh, my producer is telling me that we have to break for a commercial, so thank you for joining us …”

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