President Pleading the 5th re Obama Scandals?

Written by Allan Erickson on May 24, 2013

Smoke mirrorsCritics say Obama not only knew, he participated.

The Leftwing Loons are flapping their wings like mad, attempting to beat back the scandal avalanche. They are not gaining altitude.  Doesn’t it seem they are admitting guilt by objecting so vehemently?  As investigations mount, nothing short of independent counsels will do, and already, there are reasons to believe the President knew about the IRS abuse of power long ago, did nothing to intervene (as in Benghazi) and may very well have directed aspects of the operation, at least through surrogates. *

Dem Senators like “Menendez the Corrupt” blow smoke to cover Obama’s tail saying the IRS was correct targeting conservative groups because those groups illegally participated in politics.  A number of “MS Lie if You Please” vipers drooled similar venom, joining Obama’s IRS attacking conservative groups.

There’s only one problem boys.

Since most of these groups did not get IRS permission to operate, how can you accuse them of operating illegally?

Rounding out the smoke and mirrors crowd, Julian Bond of the NAACP and Bette Midler support IRS thuggery saying it was justified since Tea Party groups are racist.  So in America, a mere accusation is sufficient to unleash federal power to persecute citizens?

And by the way, if and when you ever come up with proof the Tea Party is racist, let us know.  Meanwhile, by all means, keep playing the race card.  It is now so laughable, every time you play it, we see a Joker.

Early in the week, Obama deployed The Pfeiffer to huff and puff on all the Sunday shows, just like Susan Rice many moons ago.  He actually accused Republicans of doctoring documents to hurt his Boss.  He did not produce the doctored documents.  Perhaps they are in some IRS file in the ObamaCare central databank, aka, Obama’s enemies list.

The Pfeiffer acted terribly offended when Fox’s Chris Wallace asked legitimate questions about Benghazi.  Imagine the insult of a reporter asking legitimate questions about a red hot controversy and scandal.  When Pfeiffer’s friends at NBC and ABC asked about the IRS, he casually claimed law breaking irrelevant, not as important as the appearance of White House corruption.  What?

In this light, we must add incoherence to charges of corruption and incompetence.

Hopefully, voters will see through all the octopus ink and the shuck and jive amplified daily by Obama’s apologists.

This is not a matter of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United.  It’s a matter of Obot Radicals waging war against opponents.

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Allan Erickson
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