PSYCHO VIDEO: Wild Shoot Out in Miami Caught on Film (Graphic)

Published on May 10, 2013

Prosecutors in court Thursday played a stunningly clear surveillance video depicting the shootout outside a Westchester marijuana growhouse that left a detective severely wounded and a gunman dead.

The video, seized from a surveillance system at the growhouse, depicts the wounding of Miami-Dade Detective John Saavedra, who was shot three times by a gunman in July 2012 outside a home near Coral Way and Southwest 60th Court.

According to authorities, the detectives and an FBI agent, wearing police vests, had descended on the suspected growhouse in an effort to search the home.

The video shows the homeowner, Gerard Delgado, 56, getting into his BMW with dark-tinted windows — just moments before detectives arrive. As they arrive and begin speaking with another man, Luis Estevanell, Delgado pops out and starts shooting.

The wild shootout ends with Delgado, hiding behind a tree in the middle of the driveway, shot in the head by a police shot. Detectives found 80 pounds of marijuana inside the house.

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