The Sniff Test: Smelling the BS on Obamacare, Gun-Control and Benghazi

Published on May 16, 2013

Dogs_noseMany of us in medicine are adamantly opposed to Obamacare.  Of course, when it was being discussed and then passed (so we could find out what was in it, thank you Ms. Pelosi), the media didn’t go to average physicians in community practices. They went to that bastion of medical opinion, the AMA.  For your information, the membership of the AMA is about 20-30% of American physicians, with a heavy dose of retirees and medical students.  That’s hardly a majority.  But it was enough for the media, for political organizers and for the uninformed public.

Meanwhile, dissenting docs like myself tried our best to write, discuss, cajole and politic it out of existence. All to no avail. After all, if we were opposed, we could only be simple yahoos; wall-eyed morons in Hickville with no idea about how things really were, or should be in the eyes of our enlightened leaders.

Fast forward. Even prominent Democratic politicians are worried about Obamacare, and they’re sweating, wringing their hands and wishing for a government-run time-machine (as if NASA were still well funded!) so they could go back, register their uncertainty and boost their political fortunes.

Most estimates now suggest that Obamacare is going to hurt the economy and drive up the cost of health-care, rather than lower it.  And to make matters worse for the lovers of nationalized health-care, a large study out of Oregon was just released, which showed that increased access to Medicaid, a big part of Obamacare, failed to improve outcomes in diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol.

Funny how that goes.  When the political class is out of touch with reality, odd things happen.  For instance, gun-control was the favorite talking point for months following the tragedy in Newton.  ‘Positively everyone’ wanted more gun control.  The media just knew that gun-crimes were exploding and the time was right to disarm the unwashed, backward masses with their ‘assault-guns’ and ‘rifles that spray bullets,’ their ‘high capacity clips’ and their arsenals purchased at gun-shows.

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