Trip Back to America Becomes a Trip Full of Obama Scandals

Published on May 26, 2013

by Stephanie Janiczek
Clash Daily Contributor

800px-Welcome_to_the_United_States_signWe just got back from a short sojourn to California. San Diego County to be exact. After being gone a year from a place I lived in for 3 years it was odd. Odd because there was so much I’d forgotten about the place and because it felt like things had changed. Something is happening in the US. What, I cannot put my finger on; and maybe even San Diego County, which is a fairly conservative county, isn’t the best litmus test, but something definitely is going on.

When we left here last Thursday the news was starting to resemble a tsunami of scandals heading towards the Obama administration. Like a real tsunami, it was not just one scandal but several scandals, rolling towards Obama in that overpowering unrelenting way those real waves and hard facts do.

The one that bothered me the most however was not the IRS or Benghazi, albeit Benghazi is the worst and most heinous because good men are dead. No, the worst is the AP being spied on by the Department of Justice. And then later we hear this, Fox News’ own James Rosen’s phones were being tapped by the Department of Justice. We even learned just in the last day or so that Rosen’s parents’ phones were bugged. It wasn’t just Rosen of Fox that was being harassed by the DOJ, many Fox reporters and even executives phones were taped.

Now considering everything that’s been going on with the other scandals one would think someone somewhere in Obama’s inner circle of Dante’s purgatory would think maybe we should tell Attorney General Holder to lay off harassing our allies in the news media. Maybe subpoenaing every reporter’s phone record on the AP staff in Washington is kind of a bad idea. Probably should lay off Fox News considering, if this all ever got out, we’d look exactly the way our critics, who have been pretty much ridiculed and mocked into a corner, have said we look. But, now it is too late. The kitty’s out of the bag and terrier has pulled the curtain away from the inner guts of the incompetent team from Chicago and it is ugly. Even John Stewart basically said that this all proved the conspiracy theorists had a point. Well, duh!

I am not one to scream conspiracy theory. I am one to look at history and with a cynical expression say, gee, didn’t anyone think back to the time when another guy named Richard Nixon was caught doing the exact same thing? Apparently leftists really do believe that they can do whatever they want and they won’t be held accountable. If one has any connection to karma, and the idea of the full circle, one would have to see how that attitude, which is by definition hubris, is wrong. Ultimately, every corrupt action will come back to haunt a man. No person, no matter how successful they are, at dodging justice can escape it.

What the AP and the Rosen scandals to prove is this: The Obama administration is not only wildly incompetent; it is also a den of delusional paranoids. They were so fearful of facts about their incompetence getting out that they spied on the very people who were protecting them and that is just the AP. With FOX, they were so generally scared of the organization that they had to delve into the world of the Stasi and the “lives of others” to borrow a movie title about the Stasi.

So what does this tell us? Well, it tells us that our fears of this administration being a deceitful, incompetent and vengeful group of leftists were right on target. It also tells us that they were very prepared to turn on their own gatekeepers with the DOJ harassment of the AP. The attacks on Fox were to be expected actually. Sadly because of where Obama came from and where his minions came from, should we have expected no less of them? Welcome to Chicago on the Potomac.

Like I stated before, the country, even the small part of it we visited, seemed so different. I saw a lot of people and heard a lot of conversations and if politics were mentioned the scandals were mentioned. People are upset. I can’t say if it is merely because Obama is old school and the second term malaise has descended or if people, even the rather moderate conservatives of California, are finally realizing those of us who were devoted to stopping Obama were right.

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